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Enjoy our wide selection of the coolest goods, all exquisitly decorated by the Art of Dylan Farrell. Dylan Farrell is an Award Winning Canadian Artist creating Original Oil Paintings, Photography, Graphics and Pattern Designs. Dylan also creates Driftwood Sculptures, furniture, and paintings from wood found along the Columbia river. Here you can find Dylan's Art on a variety of hip and cool products or you can customize any one of our products with your own Art.


Looking for Original Art?

Dylan's Original Art is currently represented by



Contact us at farrellfineart@yahoo.ca for a list of available Originals or to commission a work of Art or Design

Gallery and Licensing inquiries welcome.


Wildlife Art Magazine
N.Y. Art Magazine
Art Fairs International
International Encyclopaedia of Modern and Contemporary Art
Masters of Today
2012 Artwanted.com Calendar

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Oct, 2011 - Participated in  the Columbia Valley’s First annual Salmon Festival at the Fairmont Resort, Fairmont, B.C.

April, 2010- Dylan was awarded first place in the Columbia Valley C.C.S.R logo contest. C.C.S.R. is the Community Coordination for Safety in Relationships

Feb, 2008- Exhibited at the Sever academy, Milan Italy and Bestowed Academic Diploma and Gold medal

Nov, 2007- Invited to join Premiere Who's who of Outstanding Professionals .The Premier Who’s Who acknowledges people for their individual achievements in their specific profession. N.Y, N.Y.

Oct 25, 2007, - Participated in Street Smart Kids Benefit Charity Art Auction, Burnaby B.C. Canada

2007, - Participated in the first annual London International Creative Competition, on-line

Oct - Dec, 2007 - Participated in Art Interview - 11th International Online Artist Competition

Nov, 05-06- Participated in Art Addictions Medial 1. Art Biennial Juried Art competition Awarded Diploma of Excellence [Honourable Award] on-line

Sept,2006- Exhibited at "Arts on the Edge", at the Chateau Kimberly, Kimberly, B.C. Canada

July, 2006- Presented "Light at The End of The Brush", solo show at Pynelogs Cultural center, Invermere, B.C., Canada

June, 2006- Exhibited at Artsaround 2006, Golden, B.C., Canada

Feb, 17th- 28th, 2006- Exhibited in the group show "Continue To Descend", crated by Basak Malone at Broadway Galley, 473 Broadway 7th floor, New York, NY

Nov, 2005- Participated in Kleinos Web Prize, on-line

Nov, 2005- Participated in the 17th Anniversary GREAT INTERNATIONAL PRIZE OF PLASTIC ARTS of NICE and PROVENCE COTE D'AZUR area (G.P.I.A.P), put on by the "Aigle de Nice" Society, NICE - France

Sept, 2005-Exhibited at The International Competition “Cremona- Trophy Luigi Being Worth To The Memory, Cultural Center City of Cremona S.Maria of the Mercy, Italy. Awarded 3rd place (section Angels)

Aug 2005- Awarded the Title of Academicals Knight of the International Academic Order "Greci-Marino" Verbano Academic Order, Italy.

Aug, 2005- Exhibited at the Chateau Kimberley for the Arts on the Edge Juried Exhibition

Aug,2005-April ‘06 Exhibited at the Beijing Natural Culture Center and toured with the exhibition to other cooperate institutions around China

Aug-Sept 2005-Exhibited at the J. David Broudo Gallery of Art, Endicott College for their Fine Art T-Shirt Exhibition, Beverly Massachusetts

Aug,2005- Exhibited at The Chateau Kimberley for Kimberley’s Festival of the Arts

April- May 2005- Exhibited in Artsaround at the Artregeous Gallery, Cranbrook , B.C., Canada

Nov,2004-Exhibited at the 16th Annual Great International Prize, at L’aigle de Nice in the French Rivera, received honourable mention

July,2004- Exhibited at the 2nd International Art Festival at the Noeria public exhibition Center in Chania, Crete, Greece

April,2004- Exhibited with five other Artists at the Omma Center of Contemporary Art in Chania, Crete, Greece

March,2004-Awarded the Title of Academic Associate of The International Academy of Arts, Science and Literature in Verbano, Italy

Oct, 2003- Published in the 2004 International Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Art and Awarded a Medal for Artistic Merit

July-Aug, 2003- Taught workshops in drawing and painting for children 10 and up at Pynelogs, Invermere

July, 2003- Featured Artist at Pynelogs, Invermere

May, 2003- Exhibited works for the Artsaround, Pynelogs, Inveremere, Awarded for Artistic Merit

May, 2003- Exhibited works for Wings Over The Rockies, Pynelogs, Inveremere

Aug, 2002- Small Works Salon. Was 1 of 25 Artists showcased at the Limner Gallery, New York, N.Y.

June, 2002- Solo show at the Blue Dog Café

May, 2002- Exhibited paintings at Pynelogs for Wings Over The Rockies, Invermere

Oct, 2001- Received Diploma in Art

Sept, 2001- Paintings exhibited at the Medowland Gallery Aug, 2000- Exhibited paintings at the Café On 12th

1997- Nominated for international poet of the Year

1994- Became a published poet

1986- First group exhibition, Dovonian Gardens, Calgary

Dec 1st 1979- Born in Whitehorse,Yukon, Canada

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